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You probably do not need to do anything different to make your art appealing to others if it captures the things all children do or what all children are capable to do under similar circumstances. It warms peoples hearts to see sculptures that remind them of the love and adorableness that children do. I seen a sculpture today on a University campus of a little boy playing tug or war with a rope and a dog. I looked several times and mused how my boys use to do that, and other children. To me it was great art, very life like. Abstract art is appealing to many but universal themes of life seem to be endearing to all. The magic of the artist is the same as abstract art, to balance and contrast shapes and movement, to catch the eye of others with the dance of life, strife, love, comedy, and even the mundane. It is better then other peoples children as it is everyone's children and their own childhood. I say go full steam ahead.

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