To help adults and children understand psychology.

Situational Personality How we react to situations are affected by Biological, Family, and Cognitive Personalities but also my how we prepare ourselves and the environment around us to open up opportunities for ourselves and those around us.

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      (I) Tune Out Bad Habits that don't work
                 (A) Free Will The old problem is which came first, the chicken or the egg, the choice or the environment that influenced the choice. It will go on, but after you make the choice to try something different your actions will change the environment and can give you more freedom or take it away. The chaotic cloud of steam that turns and twists like the clouds in the wind, or the waters in the oceans, this chaos of never changing options that we can experiment with and see what works to take us in the direction we want to go, this is what we experiment with. If we do not like the direction we can choose to try something else and see where it leads. We must sail our boats in the ever changing currents of the sea and adjust our sails in the changing winds to get to where we want to go. Free will is acting on our perceptions, feelings, thoughts and plans to change our environment or directions and again acting on our new perceptions, feelings, thoughts and plans to again attempt to sail in a satisfying direction.
                 (B) Risk We have to risk to try new directions or we are stuck in port and we have no free sailing, little free will, and we do not see, feel, think, or do very many new things. BUT there is a comfort zone, and if we adventure too far from the port without guidance we can easily get lost, overwhelmed, and sink. We want to go beyond the comfort zone, BUT not too far too fast. You have to play it by ear, by heart, BUT mostly by maps, there are a lot of books and wisdom of the ages that help us look for the danger zones, let us know the weather and danger. Don't be too foolish, have fun but don't let it turn into a nightmare. If your anxiety is going up it is not doing so for you to enjoy it but to stop and rethink. Many think being high on substances is fun, but the feeling of high is a warning sign that the brain is faltering. That means your ship is blind, deaf, and not too bright.
        (II) Improve Widgets
               (A) UPPER NATURE
                      (1) Ant and Bee: Improve the Sensual, let nature fill your being. We are from nature, our bodies are made to enjoy nature, we are of the same fabric. When we look out on moving water, or moving clouds they are moving in a mathematical pattern, the same pattern as the alpha wave in our brain that helps us feel peaceful. Nature puts us at ease. Hear the sounds, the patterns, the variety of sounds, what melody do they make. Feel the wind in your face, the warmth of the sun, or the furnace, or the campfire. Let it fill you and give you peace, taste that food or drink, smell its flagrance, like perfume to the mind. Why do women like candle light dinners? The flicker of the candle, the smell of it, it all eases the brain. Combine that with the taste and smell of food as you look out over the harbor and forming clouds and the light chatter of others as you listen to the relaxing music you love. Now that is a dinner to remember. Why? Because it uses all the senses, the brain is alive with the sounds and sights. Next is the emotions, dinner needs the right emotions, and intellectual stimulation, and actions. We will get to those one by one.
                      (2) Macho: Control Fears
One of the biggest fears we have is from the Ghosts of the past. We often do not recognize them as fears but interpret them as desires. We may feel like shit, so we go out and look for it. Or we feel threatened so we go looking for peace in dangerous situation, like playing with fire. The fire was from past experiences, often as children. Perhaps our fathers told us we would never amount to much because we were not obeying him. So we go out to find some bullies to pick on, or we pick on our own children. We create situations that allow us to express our emotions, that they like us will never amount to anything.  
                             (a) Eliminate Fears
                             (b) Adding Predictability Stability
                      (3) Cuddles: Learn to Love
                             (a)  Adding Love
                       (4) Geru: Learn to Build
                              (a) ABC's
                              (b) The Ideal
                       (5) Turtle: Patience Building
                       (6) Rabbit: Acting On It
                               (a) Practice
                               (b) Risk
           (B) LOWER NATURE
                 (1) Spiedie: Being Honest
                            (a) Straight and Narrow 
                       (2) Raccoon: Caring for Others
                            (b) Networking
                       (3) Crow: Being Realistic
                       (4) Coyote: Being Productive